Far Infrared Studio

GO Yoga & Fitness uses the finest Far infrared heating system, to produce heat that is absorbed into the body. Far Infrared heat, causes the blood vessels in the body to dilate, which increases the circulation and speeds up metabolic processes of the vital organs. This heat causes detoxification of the body by increasing the temperature.


This  heat produced, increases blood flow to the heart, making the heart work more efficient byproducing stronger contractions , overtime, this will help  lower blood pressure.

Infrared heat penetrates deep into the tissues, which helps loosen stiff joints, helping joints reach their full range of motion, furthermore, increasing flexibility. This "State Of The Art" heating system, also helps the muscles to relax and rewind.


Infrared heat decreases muscle soreness, tissue inflamation, improves skin tone and promotes weightloss. The heat that is generated in the body from the Infrare, enhances heart function, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress while speeding up recovery time.