Go yoga & fitness meal planning service

changing the way we eat, along with the amazing Fitness programs at Go Yoga & Fitness will make you feel and be your best!

Eating Plans


It is now known that we are what we eat! 80% of how we look on the outside is what we are taking into our bodies

It has never been so easy to lose weight with our specialized eating plan!  These meal plans are so specific to what one needs

whether its weight-loss, toning, muscle building or just staying healthy

Speak to one of our fitness leaders in-store today!

Getting Started


Getting started has never been so easy! pay online the 3 months fee and we do the rest!


Within a few days after your weigh in, measurements and simply answering a few questions, you will be on your way to the new you!




How it works?


Once a week your fitness expert will take your weight including your fat content and muscle mass in the body and monitor you week by week

watch the results as you tone up and shape up in places one never thinks possible.


Its as easy as this!

you will have a fitness expert assigned to your chart week to week



3 months of this fantastic plan costs $540.00


Maintenance plans to sustain this weight-loss after the 3 months period $199 monthly


One Year Meal Planning at Discounted Rate of $1599.99