go yoga classes

Hot Yoga

BArre Yoga (Hot)

This challenging class uses a combination of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates postures to target the Bum, Legs and Core. Prepare to sweat and burn calories!

Go flow (hot)

Flow class that incorporates a vinyasa based style, that link one pose to the next with proper breathing technique. A mixture of sun salutations and other styles of of yoga. A unique blend of sequences that helps create strength flexibility and balance in the body.

Go power flow (hot)

This dynamic energizing, challenging, style of yoga, links breath with movement. Through a range of sequences combining sun salutations. This smooth flow deepens the breath, strengthens body and core while increases endurance  balance and flexibility.

Go Yang to yin (hot)

Beginning with a flowing sequence to warm up and get the body moving (30min) last 30 mins diving deep down into the ligaments tendons and bones. Creating flexibility and relaxation by holding these postures from 2/5 mins.

Prepare to feel relaxed!

Candle light stretch and flex (hot)

Taking the time to sink deep into the tissues of your ligaments, tendons and bones. Great for stress reduction and improving health.  Slower paced class great for beginners. Prepare to feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

Go Yoga Dance Tone

Prepare to dance with this  fusion of dance and yoga mixed up together. Targeting the body and core while  toning and strengthening  the  physic  and having fun!

go spinning classes


Go spin classes

Spinning classes are low impact, high cardio workouts, that are safe, fun and effective for all fitness levels. Preregistration required.

Go spin 60

60 minutes of pure cardio strength and endurance and flexibility. 

Go spin 45

45 min class mixture of cardio and strength.

Go spin 30

Great for beginners or those wanting to get there daily cardio workout done.

GO FITNESS classes


Go body Sculpt (hot)

A dynamic class filled with cardio, strength and sculpting of all the muscles. Get lean, toned muscle in this full body workout. Prepare to sweat!

Go pilatEs (hot)

A mixture of toning the body and working the core class.

Go core and butt (hot)

Quick 30 min class targeting the core and bum.

Go bootcamp (low heat)

This class produces, incredible strength fat loss and  cardiovascular health.  Done in a circuit class style. Prepare to sweat.

Go zumba

Dancing the way to fitness in this fun class! Be prepared to have fun while burning calories away!

Extreme Tabata

 Stepping it up a notch in this challenging, calorie driven fitness routine. This class targets maximum calorie burning! Incorporating cardio weights bands.